About us

Hi visitor, welcome to our website sportsgearblog.com, I’m Daniel Gordon, 32 years old, from Denver, Colorado. I’ve been road cycling since the age of 14 and I have a pretty good experience with mountain biking.

I and my wife Katherine are very passionate about cycling, in fact, we’ve first met in a bike shop, and we’ve noticed how hard and confusing it could be for people when choosing their bikes, for example, they could ask: how do I pick the right bike? What size bicycle is right for my height? What is the best road bike for beginners? What are the best bicycle brands? how to choose a bike saddle? Or how to choose a bike helmet?. So we decided to make this blog to give people, who share with us the same passion, some guidelines and reviews of the best products out there in the market to help people make the best decisions based on our experience and research.

In our website, we try to be as objective as possible and would never recommend a product if we don’t think it’s worth it. In our articles, we make it easy for you to choose the product that could solve your problem and respond to your need by showing you the pros and cons of each based on our experience and people reviews.

We hope we could help you find what you’re looking for and being satisfied with our service because that would mean a lot to Katherine and I.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us or to comment in the comment section of the specific subject.

I wish you a good day.


p.s: some of our links may be affiliate links by which we make small commissions on each product sold.