Best Android Fitness Smartwatch

Best Android Fitness Smartwatch – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

In this review, we will take a detailed look at the trend of the best android fitness smartwatch available on the marketplace today.

All five of the best Android smartwatches are just amazing, and all five are the latest top sellers out there. While each will have varying aspects which help set everyone apart. On the other hand, all of them have a number of similarities too.

With the growing popularity of the wearable technology, there is no surprise why the sales of smartwatch are anticipated to increase a lot within the next couple of years.

Whereas many analysts think that the smartwatches are going to be the latest thing by 2021, many also think they will certainly replace the Smartphone as the most popular trend of cell phone technology.

Listed below, we check out the latest trends of Top-rated Android smartwatches on the marketplace currently.

5 Best Android Fitness Smartwatch Reviews!

Garmin Vívoactive GPS 4S Smartwatch

This Garmin vívoactive GPS 4S Smartwatch is a reasonably sized fitness watch with an antique appearance that is both elegant and classy. This Vivoactive 4S 40mm is sized moderately, with I.1" transfective MIP screen that is quite bright and simple to read outside.

The transflective LCD MIP display is simple to read and bright, while it works with touchscreen with 2 buttons to aid the navigation.

At the same time, this Vivoactive 4S has a long-life battery which lets it run 7 days on just one charge, and support for the onboard audio storage which lets you take 500+ of your preferred songs with you.

This Vivoactive 4 includes the Vivoactive 4 as well as smaller 4S, and the Venu that is run by the AMOLED display. This smartwatch is just awesome which allows you to enjoy your life to the fullest. It has a number of top features and excellent performance. Believe it or not, this is the best android fitness smartwatch out there.


  • Swim resistant
  • Sized moderately
  • Long-life battery
  • Pre-installed animated workout settings


  • It lacks loudspeaker and microphone

SKYGRAND Fitness Smartwatch

This SKYGRAND Fitness Smartwatch is an incredible fitness orientated watch. It comes filled with 14 different exercise settings to help monitor your progress; no matter if you are rowing, hiking, biking or running.

Battery life, on the contrary, is quite exceptional. You can easily go days while not needing to charge this, which is perfect, especially if you are thinking about using sleep monitor. In addition, you can set alarm and this watch will start vibrating once it is triggered.

The data and stats that you grab from the sleep monitor of this watch are fundamental. We might have liked a more comprehensive analysis.

A downside is that you cannot change the intensity of alarm vibration. It is not that extreme but I care for the users who might be a bit more sensitive. The quality of display is amazing for a limited budget smartwatch.

It features 4 different levels of brightness and the display graphics are very smooth.

However, the colors on screen pop too. The interface is easy and simple to navigate. But, you do not have many customization options. As an instance, you can just pick between 4 watch faces.


  • Inexpensive
  • Battery life is above-average
  • Can easily connect to iOS and Android smartphones


  • Supplied charging wire is short
  • Cannot alter the intensity of vibration

HUAWEI GT 2 Smartwatch - Waterproof, Longer Lasting Battery Life

Huawei is probably not the most widely popular brand in America, but they're, believe it or not, the largest telecommunication manufacturer worldwide and their amazing smartwatch, HUAWEI GT 2 Smartwatch is the top smartwatch around.

Even though missing out on NFC for the wireless payment, their wide variety of sensors definitely is the key factor why this watch shines from others.

The capacitive sensors, air pressure, ambient light, optical pulse rate, gyroscope geomagnetic, and accelerometer make this the best feature-loaded Smartwatch on the market.

Additionally, Huawei has enhanced its fitness monitoring vastly with the GPS positioning, exercises whether you're outdoors or indoors. They also have improved their monitoring if you're used to the stationary workouts, for example, rowing and elliptical machines.

When paired with Huawei device, its fitness app can be utilized as a private assistant with the workout guidance as well as if you possess particular fitness goals then you want to achieve this one.


  • Stylish design
  • Wide variety of sensors
  • Swim evidence around 50m


  • Has no NFC
  • The charger is low-quality

Samsung Galaxy GPS Active 2 Smartwatch

As the major Smartphone company, shipping more than 70 million devices every quarter in the last 5 years, you'll hope that their watches are the finest around, and you are right! Samsung Galaxy GPS Active 2 Smartwatch is what you can get for the best.

You will find two different sizes of the Samsung Galaxy GPS Active 2 Smartwatch, 44mm and 40mm with the sole variation being a bigger battery for 44mm model as well as choice of the colors.

This Galaxy Watch works on Tizen based OS 4.0 and "Exynos-9110" processor, thus it is best while paired with Samsung Smartphone yet works effectively with different Android devices too.

With the battery lifespan of around 72 hrs depending on the usage, it is the top battery for a watch available in the marketplace based on how many features it offers. Unlike Apple Watch, this Galaxy Watch can measure more than 40+ activities.

Samsung also has performed well in the health department along with sleep monitoring, 24/7 pulse rate monitor, fitness tracking, and an SOS feature, much like the Apple smartwatch. It is simply winning the heart of fitness lovers.


  • Excellent and sturdy build
  • Works effectively with Android phones
  • It is swim-proof around 50m with the water-lock function
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  • Doesn't have 3rd party applications
  • Its iOS compatibility can be pretty horribl

Fitbit Versa Black Smartwatch

Fitbit version offers the ideal mixture of the smartwatch only and the top smartwatch Fitness monitoring features for an affordable price. This Fitbit Versa Black Smartwatch includes a broad range of bands for hosting different tables as well as to mix the views.

This Versa offers the exact sports and fitness tracking features which you anticipate from Fitbit ecosystem, though there's a great GPS available.

If you need to ride and track, then you must take the phone with you as well as you will need to check out the data on your phone. Fitbit OS 2.0 provides a unique look, which offers an alarming warning intended for the users of daily data.

Battery life, at the same time, is perfect, as much as 4 days, and its design is trendy. Most standard watches have integrated information features and the reply to SMS for Android gadget is not far off.

If you're looking for an affordable smartwatch with fitness tracking popularity, check out this Fitbit Versa Black Smartwatch. This is the top smartwatch to purchase.


  • Great battery life
  • It stores tunes on-device
  • Offers precise fitness tracking
  • You will find a number of different colors


  • Doesn't have GPS
  • Limited apps selection

best android Fitness Smartwatch Buying Guide!

Interface: Buttons or Touchscreen?

Most people will naturally choose touch screen gadgets. However, the size of the watch’s display performs a significant part in the style of the interface you select.

If your smartwatch includes a little screen, then it is perfect to go with the buttons as they will make it simpler to browse the menus. On the other hand, if your smart watch includes a screen that cannot be clogged by the thumb, then it is safe to pick a touchscreen type.

Ram and Storage:

Always go for a smartwatch which includes a minimum of 4GB storage and 1 GB RAM. While RAM of the device decides how fast this will work, load applications, and apply the changes, storage is utilized to store pictures, apps, and so on. The greater the storage and RAM, the faster and better your smartwatch will be.


Most smartwatches available on the marketplace are designed with colorful LCD, OLED or AMOLED displays. Such displays let you see photos, data, apps and much more in colorful and richer tones.

However, it is important to be aware that the type of screen you own on the watch will certainly have a consequence on the battery life. It is an extremely crucial aspect to remember if you're someone who enjoys having their display of the watch on always.

Device Compatibility and OS:

Device compatibility, without any doubt, is the key features you need to consider while buying smartwatches. It is because many of them usually are made as to the phone companions.

To put it differently, they have to work properly with your gadget in order to offer you with full potential. As an example, the Samsung smartwatches include an OS (operating system) called Tizen.

While the smartwatches with this Operating System may work effectively for the Samsung gadgets, there may be a few limitations while they are finally paired with some other devices, for example not having the ability to reply to texts or make calls.

The same applies to Google’s Wear Operating System. Some devices such as Fitbit Versa can work well while paired with the Android 4.3 as well as higher devices, but, if it is paired with iOS device, you'll not have the ability to use specific privileges like sending fast replies to the incoming texts.

Payment System:

If you're an individual who travels on a regular basis or somebody who makes many payments, then getting a smartwatch that has payment features will make the life simpler.

 Smartwatches such as the HUAWEI GT 2 Smartwatch supports payment technologies which you can easily use to purchase anything.


The smartwatch you have on your wrist usually is the thing people observe about you. Furthermore the point that an excellent watch fits your outfit, also it plays a role in the type of impression an individual can grow for you. That's why it is ideal to choose nothing except the best.

However, the top smartwatches in this review are a few of the finest on the marketplace. They will match your attire while offering you with great functionalities.

If you're looking for the winner & best android fitness smartwatch, then here it is Garmin Vívoactive GPS 4S Smartwatch. It has surpassed other gadgets due to its amazing performance and features.

Also, if you have a low budget but need the best one then go for SKYGRAND Fitness Smartwatch.

You're bound to get deals on these gadgets on New Year, Christmas, Black Friday, and some other festive seasons. Therefore make sure to check out your favorite shop to find out if they're on sale.

At the same time, make sure to use the guide above to buy your next awesome smartwatch so you will be capable to come up with the perfect decision.

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Now, just enjoy it!

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