Best Android Smartwatch For Women

Best Android Smartwatch For Women – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A great number of smartwatches are available today. You can easily get the best android smartwatch for women. These are designated perfect for women, yet some are most suitable for females - having simply the right weight, size, design and not only that, the best smartwatch must be up as well as doing according to the performance and functionality.

A smartwatch truly does a lot more than telling time. This will act as an expansion of your Smartphone and functions as your personal assistant, travel guide and health coach. These devices are gradually becoming an essential aspect of our day to day lives.

However, the previous smartwatches for ladies were certainly non-stylish, boring and bulky. As time went by, the companies of smartwatch manufacturing started to blend style and utility and invented smooth designs with wonderful features.

On this page, I have made an index of the preferred smartwatches for ladies, what top features you should try to find, and a buyers' guide. Check it out.

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Best Android Smartwatch For Women Reviews - top 5

1. Samsung Galaxy 42mm Rose Gold Android Smartwatch For Women

Samsung Galaxy 42mm Rose Gold Smartwatch is definitely a military-level stylish sturdy wearable gadget with the interchangeable straps.

On the other hand, the design of display is classic, yet you may spin the bezel for viewing other screens. A large number of individuals consider this to be the top smartwatch for females for its variety of functions and features.

You will be able to do all kinds of things and take pleasure in the same advantages as a Smartphone.

This US version Samsung smartwatch has integrated Samsung Pay. Just connect this to the Smartphone making use of Bluetooth and receive and send place calls and text messages.

Swivel the bezel for going to different screens and personalize the status board or view notifications. To listen to or play music, connect this smartwatch to a headset which is Bluetooth-enabled.

At the same time, you can connect this remotely while the Bluetooth connection tends to be unavailable. For SMS inputs, either type or speak using the keyboard of watch.

Besides these, you can set the smartwatch to different modes - goodnight mode or even theater mode. This smartwatch is water-resistant.

It includes an app called Samsung Health which tracks the steps, heart rate, sleep habits, and a number of other fitness variables. It is one of the best women’s smartwatches for android out there.


  • Send and read emails
  • Manage and view images
  • Receive and make phone calls
  • Receive and send text messages
  • You can even send the SOS requests just in the event of emergency


  • It is not ideal for the scuba diving

2. Garmin HR Vívomove Smartwatch for Women

If you enjoy the analog classic watch design having fewer notifications on screen, this hybrid product from Garmin will be the best one for you. Garmin HR Vívomove Smartwatch includes a discreet screen.

It is certainly compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android. Connect this gadget to the Smartphone and then use features such as call notifications, text messages, and reminders.

Garmin HR Vívomove Smartwatch comes with many wellness tracking tools, such as sleep monitoring with the REM sleep, relaxation timer, all-day anxiety tracker, heartbeat monitor, besides calories, distance, and steps counting.

Additionally, it is available in both sports and premium models and even has bezels that are stainless steel. The premium edition has a steel casing, whereas the sports edition includes polymer casing. It is, undoubtedly, the top Garmin women's smartwatch.


  • It is easy to control music
  • This smartwatch is hybrid
  • The battery life is pretty excellent


  • You can view the notifications still can't reply to any

3. Fitbit Versa Rose Gold Smartwatch for ladies

Fitbit versa, without any doubt, is my most desired choice for fitness and health tracking, another ideal option for women.

Needless to say, Fitbit has become a famous brand in the industry of smartwatch; they concentrated chiefly on fitness and health tracking. I must inform you that they've gained faith not merely from me, but millions around the globe.

At the same time, the Fitbit Versa Rose Gold Smartwatch's design is superb, it is elegant and stylish. The case is manufactured from aluminum which makes it quite light.

You can wear this even without knowing that you have put it on. Honestly, that is what a workout smartwatch should be. The screen is exceptional, with a bright color transflective LCD; the display can be effortlessly read under the bright sunlight.

I have already informed you that Versa is the perfect device for monitoring your active lifestyle, and deservingly true - this Fitbit Versa Rose Gold Smartwatch is an extensive fitness tracker. This device includes all the basic sensors onboard which allow you to keep track of the fitness level.

This Versa has a lot of fitness monitoring functions, the most significant are 16+ sport modes simply to pick from, on-the-screen workouts programs for guidance as well as a female fitness tracking feature which lets you check the periods.


  • This is swim-resistant
  • The design and style is highly rated
  • The battery life is truly impressive
  • The body has been constructed for sturdiness


  • There is no built-in GPS
  • It does not contain a microphone nor loudspeaker

4. Amazfit BIP GPS Smartwatch with all-day heart rate and activity tracking

This list of the best android smartwatch for women would possibly be imperfect without talking about the Amazfit BIP GPS Smartwatch - It is the finest choice for females and fitness lovers who need something inexpensive, but excellent quality.

This Bip is lovingly called a wonderful timepiece which does a great number of things at a very reasonable price.

It satisfied all my requirements for a health and fitness android smartwatch well suited for women, size is great, moderate and also will look superb on ladies while being the slimmest smartwatch with 9.5-mm width size.

An additional amazing feature of this Amazfit BIP GPS Smartwatch is the reflective colored always-on LCD display that will is quite visible under the sunlight.

Although not most interactive screen, but it is super simple to see outdoors as well as will be very useful while doing exercises outdoors and while you have to check time or even other complications.

This Amazfit Bip Smartwatch is the most amazing fitness smartwatch which cost a tiny fraction of price while yet offering high quality. It offers all the top features of an excellent smartwatch and it is a great option for ladies.


  • It is inexpensive
  • Battery life will be superb
  • It is a great fitness tracker
  • Its design is elegant and sleek


  • The memory storage is very low
  • It includes neither microphone nor loudspeaker

5. Fossil Julianna Gen 5 FTW6036 women's smartwatch for android

Fossil has been always about fashionable watches that make this Fossil Julianna Gen 5 FTW6036 Smartwatch, its newest smartwatch targeted at women, the most stylish yet.

The good news is, the Julianna stands apart over looks. It is designed on the similar contemporary platform as Fossil Sport yet has a lot more features.

Besides being water-resistant and assisting 24/7 heartbeat monitoring, there is GPS as well for monitoring runs and a flexible digital crown intended for effortless scrolling.

Then you will find the most innovative features which you will see barely somewhere else in Wear OS "eco-system": an integrated speaker for receiving phone calls while linked with an iPhone or Android device, and also a better battery which provides as much as 3 days of average usage.

Last but not least, the 1GB RAM guarantees the speediest performance in Wear OS "eco-system". (Fossil too has Gen 5 watch targeted at men known as the Carlyle.)

It is not inexpensive, but this Fossil Julianna Gen 5 FTW6036 Smartwatch is the top Android smartwatch option available on the market.


  • Functional and fashionable
  • Supports watch band of 22-mm
  • It can take the calls with integrated speaker
  • Superb life of battery for Wear OS smartwatch
  • Offers excellent performance due to 1GB RAM onboard


  • It is somewhat expensive

Best Women Smartwatches For Android - Buying Guide

You will find quite a few things you must check out before purchasing a smartwatch. Here, I have listed some factors which will assist you to find the top one which fits your needs best.


Like a typical watch, smartwatches include different moisture safety and dirt resistant as well. If you are hoping to use this on the water activities, then you should ensure that you buy one that is water-resistant. You can also use a few of them while you intend to dive underwater.


Smartwatches for females have various body styles. Many are round whereas a few are squares. Additionally, there are various colors out there for the casing. It is easy to customize some screens of smartwatch as well.

Battery Life:

It is advisable to check exactly how long your smartwatch can last without being recharged. Some may just take a couple of hours while a few continue for days. So, what you ought to buy is determined by how much time you are considering to use it.


A vital point is that you should check the compatibility of smartwatch with your gadget. Are you looking to purchase a watch for Android or iPhone?

The majority of smartwatches are usually compatible with Android or iPhone. You simply have to be very careful if you're purchasing from Samsung or Apple as they just work for the smartphones they manufacture.

Customer Reviews:

If you are interested in buying a smartwatch as well as you are reading this post, then you are on the correct path.

One more thing you ought to do before buying a watch is certainly to check the customer reviews about the device. It will assist you to determine if the product you need to purchase is worth your bucks.

Features Of The Smartwatch:

You have to ensure that the best smartwatch for females which you will purchase fits your way of life. Are you a sporty and usually hitting a fitness center?

Or even are you really a business type and want to organize your schedule? Do you possess an iPhone or an Android? These are simply some things which you ought to be looking at before buying anything.


This part is the most important one. At this stage, you have to check your wrist size. You will find different sizes of smartwatch and it must fit the wrist flawlessly. If you possess a small wrist, then choose the ones along with a small diameter. At the same time, check out strap size and the length.

When you're thinking of design, the appearance is an important factor you should take into account. There are countless to select from, statement piece or minimalistic style to get noticed. All of it depends on exactly what would grab your attention.

Other Functionality And Top Features:

Do you need your smartwatch being multipurpose? If so, then you must take note of the number of helpful functions offered by the device. Some features can easily monitor your physical and health activity. A few can also follow the improvement of the workout.

The majority of Smartphones can alert you of the incoming texts and calls from the Smartphones. Some others include the capability to even reply to them. At the same time, many of it features location support making use of GLONASS or GPS, voice control and music. It can also pay with NFC sensor.

You will find a great number of aspects you should think about before purchasing one. Ensure that you've ticked all of the prerequisites you require before you purchase your top smartwatch for females.


Last but not least, we've assessed all the hottest devices in terms of purchasing best android smartwatch for women and offered you all the details you should require when considering buying a smartwatch on the internet.

Personally, I love Samsung Galaxy 42mm Rose Gold Smartwatch. This is the winner of this review post. Its many different & unique features will blow your mind. Get ready for the best performance.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the cheapest device but with quality design and top features, then Amazfit BIP GPS Smartwatch is what you actually need.

It is highly recommended to go through the buying guide that I have mentioned above when buying a smartwatch. I hope that you have found something best suited for you from this post.

However, preferably with the details provided above now you can proceed and get the first smartwatch!

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