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best inexpensive fitness tracker – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Checking for the health condition or getting this inspected with your doctor is definitely the best method, but who actually would invest that time to visit regularly?

Honestly, that is where the wearable, portable and user-friendly, best inexpensive fitness tracker plays an important role.

Whenever you're getting into a fitness regime, it is a good idea to keep an eye on it and assess the advancement for encouraging yourself.

Now, the market is flourishing with wearable devices, and many of them possessing the fitness monitoring as the key feature, it is not easy to choose the top one.

Read this post for the key points to think about while choosing the top fitness tracker.

5 Best Inexpensive Fitness Trackers Reviews! 

So beginning with the top cheap fitness tracker out there in 2020, this group of fitness trackers is targeted at someone that's planning to make use of a unique fitness tracker yet does not desire to break the bank at all.

1. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker

This Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker has the capability to track the heartbeat 24 HOURS A DAY and can easily show you the calories you have burnt in a day.

It is easy to set a target of a day and also care is properly taken by the Fitbit 3. This device detects whenever you do exercise with the Automatic workout recognition.

It tracks the sleep and gives reports. Additionally, it is swim-resistant so it is easy to use this in water as well.

Fitbit is linked to a handy Fitbit app; therefore you can monitor your daily regimen.

It provides you notifications of receiving calls, text, calendar, and Smartphone application alerts. Furthermore, send quick response to messages (only Android).

You can easily add the details of your card and use the Fitbit 3 for secure and easy payments through Fitbit pay.

You’re able to adjust the clock face also for which you're comfortable with.

On the other hand, from the app dashboard, you can set goals, get inspiration, interact with friends as well as get an overview of your fitness and health all in just one place.

Fitbit Charge 3 can be synced with Bluetooth. This is a compact design and sturdy in rough weather. It includes a smart screen with a clear touch screen.


  • Sharp screen
  • Long-life battery
  • Protected for swimming


  • Not so good charger
  • The swipe interface may be finicky

2. Fitbit Flex Fitness Tracker Wireless Sleep + Activity Wristband

This Fitbit Flex Fitness Tracker Wireless Sleep + Activity Wristband is definitely the ideal device for busy people who're wanting to motivate themselves to enjoy a healthier way of life through improved sleep, diet and exercise.

Users can monitor their calories burned, steps, and total active minutes having a small wristband which vibrates when targets are met.

However, if a person desires a nifty small gadget to assist them to have a more improved and active lifestyle, then this Fitbit Flex may be the device for them.

This FitBit transfers data to a tablet or Smartphone wirelessly, which means it is simple to move all the data and view it all organized in handy charts and graphs.

The application can be easily synced with famous weight reduction apps such as Sparkpeople, Runkeeper, and MyFitnessPal.

When the person reaches that target during the day, every time they reach 20% of the daily total, this Fitbit will glow as well as vibrate to notify them that they are getting closer.

At the same time, users can decide to get notified on their overall distance walked, calories burned or steps taken. This is the best inexpensive fitness tracker out there.


  • Waterproof
  • Good battery life
  • Includes sleep monitor
  • It is available in 5 different colors


  • It lacks screen for showing significant metrics

3. LETSCOM HR Fitness Tracker

If you're trying to find a device of simple design but full of numerous options, search no more, as this one is the thing.

Designed to encourage you and assist you to sustain a necessary healthy way of life, this tracker features all it requires to maintain you alert as well as informed on a regular basis.

With a number of practical features and a reliable and long battery life, it has become a great one to consider.

Not to mention, this device includes a user-friendly HR monitor and sleep tracking. It is sweat and waterproof, so you can easily have this with you wherever you want to be.

It can track the activity 24/7 because it offers an option to calculate your sleep time and your day to day activities, for example, distance, active time, calorie burnt and steps.

Among the several positive factors of this fitness tracker is an intuitive design, with a great number of functional options for extra convenience. The chance to connect this to GPS through a mobile device allows you to prepare and track the routes.

Its battery, if charged fully, keeps your gadget running for 7 days. There is an integrated USB plug meant for effortless charging that needs no cables.


  • Inexpensive
  • Good battery time
  • All features work flawlessly


  • Often there may be problems with synchronization

4. Misfit Flash Fitness Tracker - Sleep and Fitness Monitor

Misfit is additionally a top brand that is popular for providing fitness tracking gadgets and like other Misfit’s gadgets, the Misfit Flash Fitness Tracker - Sleep and Fitness Monitor is quite slim can be easily fit on the wrist thus you can use it on the wrist.

On the other hand, this gadget has no screen just has various colors of around 12 lights across the circle that displays how near you're to your fitness goals.

This Misfit Flash assists to monitor the number of steps you've taken in your entire day, and also how much long-distance you have traveled and track how much you have burned.

This Misfit Flash Fitness Tracker - Sleep and Fitness Monitor is rich in features that you can anticipate from any excellent fitness tracker.

Additionally, Misfit Flash monitors your sleep as well as can regulate automatically when you are doing exercise that includes your running, cycling and walking or other gym workouts.


  • Best for long time use
  • It tracks all sorts of activities
  • All features in the device are automatic


  • Quite expensive
  • There's no screen in it which confuses the users

5. Polar Bluetooth H7 Fitness & Heart Rate Tracker

Polar doesn't ever amaze with highly functional and good looking wearables; it is simply what they actually do. This Polar Bluetooth H7 Fitness & Heart Rate Tracker is a particular one.

If you're really focused on your workouts, this is the best option for you.

This H7 is available in a strap-chest design having a lightweight, small "clip-on" transmitter as well as elastic different size straps which are adjustable.

This device offers a coin battery (replaceable), the kind which is seen in watch. It will last you around 30 days if you detach it from strap whenever you're not using this.

What is even more, it's compatible with Applications like Strava as well as Runkeeper and Bluetooth facilitated smartwatches.

Besides Bluetooth, this H7 supports around 5 kHz transmissions, typically called GymLink. Needless to say, Polar offers an app- Polar Beat application that is free of charge to download as well as user-friendly on both IOS and Android phones.

This H7 pulse rate monitor doesn't give 100% precise pulse rate measurements; still, it is undoubtedly the most dependable due to the ECG pulse rate sensor.


  • Waterproof
  • Provides steady heart rate
  • The chest strap is adjustable


  • May not be sturdy
  • It isn't machine washable

How Does The Fitness Tracker Work?

The fitness trackers, not to mention, are a sort of wearable built to be placed on the wrist throughout the day.

This tracker can diagnose your activity all day long and monitor the number of steps you're taking, how long you travel as well as in some instances, your pulse rate during the physical activity.

Sporting a fitness tracking gadget can assist you to keep an eye on your activities and set significant fitness targets - for instance, walking around 10000 steps daily.

These trackers utilize a number of sensors for detecting motion and movement. Some trackers even have sensors which detect your heart and pulse rate, while some others include GPS trackers which can monitor the total length you travel.

However, the greater sensors the gadget features, the more precise it is going to be at tracking your activity.

The Best Inexpensive Fitness Tracker Buying Guide!

Consider these features while buying a fitness tracker.

Heart Rate Tracking:

You will find a growing number of gadgets that are effective at monitoring the heart rate. Inexpensive fitness trackers often provide this function while other versions save money by not including it.

Not to mention, a monitor for heart rate is helpful for checking the cardiac activity. This is really perfect for intense, serious seniors or athletes. The tracker additionally keeps track of the calories you're burning more accurately.

A few monitors will track heart rate 24 hours a day, while some will just record a relaxing heart rate in the early morning just before the gadget begins tracking.


Since you'll make use of the tracker for monitoring results during each workout, you require something which is durable.

This is particularly real if you devote major time doing exercises outdoors, for example, surfing, swimming, biking or hiking. The tracker should endure all the hurdles it faces.

A tracker which includes IP67 waterproof rating is splash, water, rain and sweat proof. Now you can concentrate on the activities at hand having a sturdy fitness tracker.

Compatibility And Companion App:

You will need an innovative fitness tracker that works with a computer or Smartphone. The integration assists offer a more in-depth look at the performance for the month, week or day.

Workout apps furthermore let you challenge your friends, create goals, and maintain the challenges you've established. Preferably the gadget will synchronize with Windows, iOS or Android.

Steps Counter:

The must-have feature in a fitness tracker is recording the steps you're taking every day. A few will provide full-day monitoring while others track steps only over a specific period.

Even others will provide you with all the distance you've walked. Again a precise "step-counter" is certainly the most beneficial at precisely judging the workout results.

Calculator For Calorie:

The calories you're burning in an exercise are vital to losing weight. For that reason, it is significant to discover a precise tracker.

It assists stop you from consuming more calories as opposed to required for the perfect daily intake. Discovering a precise calorie calculator is quite important.

FAQs About The Best Fitness Tracker!

Question 1: Can I Swim Or Take Shower Wearing The Fitness Tracker?

Answer: It is determined by the unit you're using. Most of the fitness trackers are splash, rain and sweatproof, but, they are not waterproof.

It indicates that you should not use them when taking shower, swimming, not to mention diving (for that particular dive watches will be required).

Question 2: How To Link Up A Fitness Tracker With A Smartphone?

Answer: These gadgets are usually paired with smartphones via Wireless Bluetooth connection.

Switch on Bluetooth on your Smartphone and wait until it picks up the tracker. Next, finish the process of pairing. Before doing this, download as well as install the correct application.

Question 3: Do Fitness Trackers Include Displays?

Answer: It relies on the product. In general, fitness trackers work through a special application installed on the portable device (for example, a Smartphone), so they do not need a big display (unlike the smartwatches).

Question 4: How Can A Fitness Tracker Understand How Much I've Moved?

Answer: Any fitness tracker is built with an accelerometer (3-axis) which detects the movements in just about any direction.

Based on the data, software will count an estimated amount of calories you have burned. A few models additionally include a gyroscope which measures rotation and orientation.

Question 5: What Are The Fitness Trackers Mainly Used For?

Answer: They're used to monitor the physical activities yet these devices do greater than that.

Due to the software and smart sensors, a fitness tracker not just tells you that how much you've moved throughout a daytime but also tracks your sleep, will count the calories you've burnt, and wakes up you in the early morning with a gentle vibration.


This is not just a walk with friends in the woodland to discover the best inexpensive fitness tracker having a great number of options available on the marketplace.

Because of this, I've rounded up exactly what I consider the winner. So, the winner of this round-up review is Fitbit Flex Fitness Tracker Wireless Sleep + Activity Wristband. It is just mind-blowing. It offers great performance and excellent features.

On the other hand, the runner-up is LETSCOM HR Fitness Tracker. This device is worth considering. It too has the best features and has won the heart of my fitness lovers.

These practical and functional models will suit any budget as well as keep you active physically.

There are a good amount of different purposes and designs, for example, fitness trackers created for swimming, cycling, running, walking, or even participating in competitive sports.

I hope, you found this post quite helpful. Make sure to share your views regarding the products in the comment box below.

Also, take a little time to share this content on social media so that other fitness lovers can get the best device.

Have a great time!

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