Best Inexpensive Smartwatch

Best Inexpensive Smart watch – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Smart watches have become unavoidable in our lifestyles. If you do not own one possibly you should not delay any more. Get the best inexpensive smart watch as soon as possible.

In fact, smart watches have gone beyond exactly what you imagine, now you can make or receive calls, receive and send social media notifications, enjoy music, and keep track of fitness and a lot more from the wrist.

However, it is hard to come up with a choice when buying a superior smart watch, this post plans to share the 5 best inexpensive smart watches with beautiful interfaces and long-life battery.

You will be lured to know that a few of these smartwatches might have priced far better than what's designated. However, prices can differ. The cheapest one often has restricted life spans and functionalities.

5 Best Inexpensive Smart watch Reviews!

1. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch Lite Edition

Smartwatches from Fitbit combine their health tracking expertise with Fitbit operating system smartwatch.

This Fitbit Versa Smart Watch Lite Edition is designed for the people who are simply getting started on their journey of fitness and need a stylish and lightweight smartwatch for notifications and fitness tracking.

This Fitbit Versa Smart Watch Lite Edition is a cheaper and pared-back edition of superb Fitbit Versa. For bringing down the cost, there's no NFC, altimeter, music onboard storage or even swimming tracking.

But, all the major Fitbit features such as sleep monitoring, workout tracking and step counting all are here.

This particular Fitbit Versa Smart Watch Lite Edition is waterproof as much as 50 meters as well as will last around 4 days on just one charge.

Additionally, you have notifications mirroring for messages, alerts, and calls. Android users, at the same time, can send instant replies from Versa Lite too.

The smartwatch is out there in 4 colors; Marine Blue, Mulberry, Lilac and White.


  • Stunning design
  • Long-life battery
  • Excellent build quality
  • Perfect for fitness monitoring


  • Several users have had trouble to pair this with their phones

2. Amazfit Bip A1608 Huami Smartwatch - Bluetooth, Long Life Battery, GPS, Sleep Monitoring, Activity and Heart Rate Tracking

If your concept of workout is moving the arm joint around the table, it is difficult that you won't be amazed by Amazfit Bip A1608 Huami Smartwatch.

While it doesn't declare to have health-related features provided by Fitbit Versa or Apple Watch, if you are seeking an inexpensive, feature-loaded health tracker with long-life battery and notifications, you might discover the Bip an excellent fit.

However, with the Apple Watch-influenced style, this Bip is fairly eye-catching for the price and a delight to wear. Its silicone soft band suits both petite and sturdy wrists very.

This Bip operates on its unique OS with Mi-Fit application for Android and iOS. After syncing the smartwatch with the Mi-Fit, app takes the control of monitoring as well as record maintaining.

Not to mention, this particular application is a sports app (phone-based) which measures the outside activities such as treadmill, walking, biking and running. MiFit syncs and stores range, steps, positions and other details the watch gathers.

It is good to know that Bip’s biggest feature is the battery life. This features a lithium-polymer 190-mAh battery which claims to last approximately 45 days for normal usage which includes task and sleep monitor.

But, constant use of heartbeat monitoring and GPS will definitely decrease the battery life more.


  • Mi-Fit app
  • Features GPS
  • Superb design
  • Water-resistant
  • Long battery life


  • Default WhatsApp notifications

3. Samsung Galaxy SM-R810NZKAXAR 42mm Smartwatch

This famous Samsung Galaxy SM-R810NZKAXAR 42mm Smartwatch can easily monitor your health for a few days from the wrist without requiring a charge.

The charger, on the other hand, is wireless thus you can certainly charge the watch without splitting your routine. This Samsung Galaxy smartwatch comes in several sizes and colors and features bands which are interchangeable.

This watch includes an integrated health monitoring and Bluetooth connection which monitors your health therefore you can relax well and also stay active throughout the day.

You don't have to be concerned about battery going lower as with just one charge which goes nonstop.

The charger (wireless) allows you to power up it while not slowing down. It is easy to pair the device with both iOS and Android smartphones through Bluetooth.

Last but not least, it is a military-grade durable device. It is waterproof and has Corning DX+ Gorilla Glass which prevents this from scratches.


  • Stylish design
  • Long-life battery
  • It's a military-grade watch
  • Has a powerful tracking system
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android devices


  • Unfortunately, Google integration is not smooth

4. Apple Watch GPS Series 3

Here's the exciting thing about the Apple Watch GPS Series 3. In this watch, you will find several sensors used that will certainly track the heart rate as well as inform you if it is getting high or low.

The different sensors utilized in this watch are barometer, gyroscope, and accelerometer.

While we focus on its battery, you will be amazed that the battery lifespan is very amazing that it will last for two days with just one charge.

This is the best thing I discovered in this particular smartwatch.

Now, we need to talk about the technical aspect. The OS installed on the smartwatch is actually WatchOS 5 that is totally designed by the Apple developers. It is pretty good and simple to use.

The design of Apple Watch GPS Series 3 is not that eye-catching at all. The build quality, at the same time, is not strong and perfect.

The body is manufactured from plastic material that is not great for long-term use. However its band quality, on the other hand, is pretty good enough.

Whenever we focus on its performance, it is incredibly smooth and good. The reason for the smooth performance of the device is the particular processor used.

This processor chip utilized in the apple series 3 watch is “dual-core S3 chip” that makes the smartwatch a speedy performer. It is the best inexpensive smartwatch out there.


  • Swim proof
  • Call feature
  • GPS Navigation
  • Emergency SOS
  • Heartbeat sensor
  • Great battery life
  • Smooth performance


  • Not so good design
  • The speaker isn't loud enough
  • The feature for "Always-on" is missing

5. Garmin vívoactive GPS Smartwatch 3

Garmin vívoactive GPS Smartwatch 3 is the most superior sports smartwatch available on the marketplace nowadays. For all fitness and tech lovers, this particular wearable has become a great thing to own.

Garmin vívoactive GPS Smartwatch 3 features plenty of convenient features. If you own an Android or iPhone, you can easily connect the phone to the Vivoactive and take pleasure in quick access to the phone from wrist.

However, from the smartwatch, you can easily receive and reply to SMS, follow social network updates as well as keep an eye on your emails.

Even you can see who is phoning you and possibly decline or answer the call.

Take benefit from syncing with the Garmin Connect, an online group where it is easy to share the activities with other people.

You can additionally take part in challenges, publish your own activities on the social network sites, and motivate other people in their health and fitness activities.

There is no doubt that it's a boost from earlier Garmin wearables first when it comes to design and overall performance.


  • Integrated sports apps
  • Connected smartwatch functions
  • The heart rate monitoring is wrist-based
  • Elegant design which looks like a typical watch
  • Customize with the Connect IQ application store


  • Has no storage for music
  • Lacks sophisticated metrics
  • The wrist heartbeat is not quite detailed

Best Inexpensive Smart watch Buying Guide!

Many smartwatches compromise quality for cost, thus search for these characteristics and specs before you invest your money.

Quality Band:

The band of smartwatch is debatably as critical as face itself. However, if you purchase a smartwatch with a hard to clasp, uncomfortable or clunky band, you will be less prepared to use this.

Try to find a smartwatch which offers several band options and sizes thus you can effortlessly find the perfect fit for the wrist.

Robust Battery Life:

In contrast to a smartphone, the majority of smartwatches use specialized chargers that are not as accessible as the cellphone chargers - therefore try to find a watch which has an excellent battery which can last 24 hours a day.

On the other hand, if you need the most inexpensive option and also you value the battery life, then you are better off selecting a smartwatch having buttons rather than a touchscreen face.

Although touchscreen faces tend to be convenient, they deplete a lot of the battery life of watch. If a sustainable battery is above your set of concerns, then consider a smartwatch which skips touchscreen surface as well as uses simple to control buttons instead.


If you do not live alone, then how can you tell which watch belongs to the family or roommates? The top smartwatches offer personalization and customization options.

From stunning cases to silicone wristbands and interchangeable rubber, there is a limitless number of choices and options which you can easily use for making your smartwatch exclusively yours.

At the same time, you should have the ability to personalize the alert preferences.

A smartwatch will inform you when you have got an SMS or you have set alarm, but also you should be capable of programming the smartwatch to notify you of fitness goals or social media activities.

Your smartwatch must also make the features simple to deactivate if you currently have a conference, call or significant event you must concentrate on.

Vivid Display Face:

Needless to say, the top smartwatches feature multi-colored LED displays which are simple to read and see even in the low light.

A few smartwatch makers even have taken their screen a step ahead with the OLED lights; most vivid and brightest display features are available.

Try to find a watch which features colors as well as text that is effortlessly viewable, particularly if you are in search of a more superior watch which will run the apps.

OS Compatibility:

It is advisable to never purchase a smartwatch devoid of confirming that it will work with the phone. Exactly like your computer and your smartphone have an OS; your smartwatch additionally has an Operating System that is compatible with particular devices only.

The most popular OS for the smart watches is Android platform, still, some devices (such as Apple Watch) work only with the Apple smartphones.

A few smartwatches support both Android and iOS devices yet limit compatible functions with non-native Operating System.

If you are interested in a smartwatch that is compatible with less common Operating System (like Linux PureOS or Windows platform) check that the gadget is generally compatible well before you spend.


Last but not least, it is not simple to select a smart watch. I think it is a major topic to discuss, of course, many people still think about traditional/analog watches to always be superior, and that's only natural.

In fact, smart watches are built to make this simpler for the users who require more than simply hours. Most people do not realize how rewarding it's to own a smartwatch.

The winner of this round-up review post is Apple Watch GPS Series 3. This is the best inexpensive smart watch available out there. This smartwatch is just amazing with the best features. It is durable and loaded with the top features.

And, the second winner is Samsung Galaxy SM-R810NZKAXAR 42mm Smartwatch. It is best for your money. You can consider it as well.

If you desire to add your experience or even have a unique view regarding the smartwatches, make sure you express in the comment column below.

Also, don't forget to share this post with your friends and family members on social media.

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