best smartwatches for small wrist

best smartwatch for small wrist – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

In 2020, it is easy to find the best smartwatch for small wrist a variety of features at a reasonable price.

All these inexpensive smartwatches look hi-tech, stylish and cool as well as get the devices without spending excessively. There are numerous smartwatches available on the market.

But, not all of the devices deliver the top performance if you think about the price. In most cases, an inexpensive smartwatch can play music, showtime, alert for messages and calls.

When you purchase a low priced smartwatch, then you may need to skimp on a few things. You probably won't get the powerful or styling features which a costly smartwatch provides.

However, it is probable to get many of the functions of a high-class smartwatch in the affordable smartwatches. You just have to discover the best one depending on your budget.

The reviews below will give an exact idea about the affordable smartwatches that will suit your small wrist. Keep reading.

Best Smartwatch For Small Wrist Reviews 2020!

Here's a collection of the top cheap smartwatches you can purchase today. I have created this list depending on the usefulness, functionality, features, and pricing.

You can choose one which suits your personal needs and style in the perfect way.

I already mentioned that this list will include the smartwatches which were made only for small wrist. However, I still included this Apple Watch 4 with Aluminum Case as this watch is ideal for both genders and will be an excellent choice for ladies with iPhone.

This Apple Watch 4 with Aluminum Case is for sale in two different sizes such as 40mm & 44mm.

On the other hand, the screen truly reaches the edges, providing you with an impressive experience whenever you take a look at the wrist. Moreover, it is easy to read the notifications and traverse the watch.

Needless to say, the ideal use of this Series 4 smartwatch is not just making calls but also to track the fitness goals. You will find computerized workout detection because of heartbeat sensor and it warns you too before ending the workout.

It will measure how many steps you've taken per minute. At the same time, it will keep you inspired and assists you to accomplish your workout goals.

However, all these awesome features are actually something that you won't get in other watches.


  • Reasonable price
  • Large stunning screen
  • Precise results from heartbeat sensor and other fitness applications


  • Absence of integrated sleep tracking
  • Battery life ought to be increased

This Samsung Galaxy 46mm Smartwatch is another competitor on this list with a number of excellent features. It makes sense because its direct rival is Apple Smartwatch 5.

One more difference is in the style and design. If you require a watch which will fit an upscale closet for elegant dinner parties or boardrooms, then this Samsung Galaxy 46mm is most likely the best smartwatch available on the marketplace.

It seems like a great device that you should not miss to enjoy the best technology.

Pilots, divers, and other experts accustomed to using these awesome bezels on analog, ancient watches to monitor time. On this Samsung Galaxy, bezel is designed cleverly to navigate the menus.

Similar to all smartwatches, this Samsung Galaxy 46mm has fitness monitoring capabilities, with many different sensors as well as Samsung Health application. I must say, this is the best smartwatch for small wrist out there on the market.

The Bixby (voice assistant), is also pretty satisfactory. It includes issues comprehending most voice instructions, a problem which could be solved as time passes as its company upgrades the algorithms.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Handy rotating bezel
  • Many different features included


  • Costly
  • Frustrating charger
  • The voice assistant is quite poor

Fitbit Versa Silver Aluminum Smartwatch includes an LCD square display held jointly by aluminum frame. Its silicone band, on the other hand, is snug to wear as well as can deal with sweat.

This watch helps to keep the style undamaged while making absolutely no compromise in terms of comfort.

Besides all the standard fitness-related variables for example sleep cycle, calorie burnt, step count, Versa comes built with something completely different.

Features such as guided breathing assist you to deal with your stress, there's a widget that asks you to go for a walk as well as check out the outside weather.

Versa is definitely the lightest one among its rivals. At only 38g, it is lighter than the Apple Series 4. Fitbit OS, at the same time, is quite simple; it makes use of distinctive colors for guiding you through this smartwatch.

The biggest problem with this smartwatch is the lack of integrated GPS. You must keep your Smartphone around you for tracking your route accurately.

It is a great catch for most individuals, as the overall factor of a watch is to help you in the workout routine.


  • Exceptional battery life
  • Simple to use FITBIT OS
  • This smartwatch is incredibly comfortable and light


  • No integrated GPS
  • There's no feature for voice assistant

Fossil is in the watch designing industry since 1985 and also has popularity for making high-quality timepieces at reasonable prices.

Nowadays, they are interested in other trendy products for example purses, handbags, perfumes, wallets, and luxury watches in collection of “Fossil Swiss”.

But, their brand still seems to concentrate on affordable watches. Fossil Julianna Gen 5 Stainless Steel Smartwatch is one of the great smartwatches from Fossil brand.

In appearance, it is easy to select from 7 bands/bezels, from classic steel to a cooler black silicone. Not to mention, Fossil is fundamentally a design company, thus their smartwatches are also fashionable- you can pick a watch depending on your individual appearance.

At the same time, the screen is an amazing AMOLED display with 328ppi pixel density. It appears sharp, but it becomes tough to view in bright daylight-you must adjust its settings that can be challenging when the display is so tough to view that you cannot interact with this.

This smartwatch has quite standard functions of this era-integrated GPS, NFC, speakers, and heart rate tracking.

With Cardiogram app, the Fossil Julianna Gen 5 Stainless Steel Smartwatch claims to have the ability to identify atrial fibrillation, hypertension, diabetes and sleep apnea.

But, if you need more comprehensive and better statistics, you're welcome to add 3rd party applications.


  • Quite fast
  • Long-life battery
  • Battery mode feature
  • Elegant minimalist design


  • The speaker quality is poor

If you're in search of a fitness-concentrated smartwatch which has a trendy design, then this Garmin 3 vívoactive Smartwatch can be the ideal one to suit your needs.

This Garmin 3 vívoactive Smartwatch is highly suggested to people with small wrists.

This Vivoactive 3 will track as much as 15 activities which range from typical ones such as swimming and running to gear-based activities similar to stair climber and rowing machine.

This smartwatch additionally shows your cardiovascular or VO2 max fitness level, average sleeping heart rate, and stress score.

The first one is something which you will not get from some other smartwatches. This should assist you better comprehend your health and fitness levels.

This Vivoactive 3, at the same time, gets great feedback for its awesome battery life. This can last as much as 6 days devoid of charging when GPS feature is not being used. Using GPS can cut the life of battery down up to 2-3 days that is still extraordinary, for anyone.


  • Trendy design
  • The battery life is long
  • Outstanding at tracking your activities


  • Somewhat bulky
  • Pretty expensive compared to other devices

What Will Make A Smartwatch Superb?

What will make a smartwatch superb? In short, it is flexibility. The greater you can perform with the smartwatch without needing to pull your phone out, the superior it is.

The smartwatch companies such as Apple, Fossil, Fitbit, and Samsung are mastering the stability between form and function.

First, you desire the smartwatch to look wonderful and offer lots of personalized features; therefore you effortlessly match the watch face along with your way of life. Then you need the smartwatch to perform well as far as possible even while remaining snug to see on a little screen.

The important point is simply how much you are able to do with this and how great does the smartwatch look?

A few other factors to consider when purchasing a watch are style, Bluetooth connection abilities, water resistance, paired ecosystem, and battery life.

Oh, do not forget about the watchband choices! Also,

The Best Smartwatch For Small Wrist Buying Guide!

The vast supply of top smartwatches for small wrist has made picking one somewhat difficult. You won't desire to invest your dollars on a gadget that doesn't offer the top performance.

That's why you must shortlist your choices based on the actual needs. Listed here are a few of the things which you should take into account when trying to find an inexpensive smartwatch for small wrist.

Battery Life:

This is the most important factor to consider. The greater battery life you'll have the fewer apps and functionality support the smartwatch.

The top battery life, as well as the cheapest smartwatch, is Garmin 3 vívoactive Smartwatch here, around 7 days and even more. However, this smartwatch has some cons as well.


The supreme goal of purchasing a watch is always to make the things simpler for you. Therefore be sure that you pay attention to what features and functionalities your preferred gadget offers.

It is easy to add things such as customizing options, Bluetooth compatibility, activity tracking, etc. when picking out the best affordable smartwatch.

Compatibility For Mobile Phone:

When you choose a smartwatch, it should work with the Android or iPhone you have. Smartphone compatibility, needless to say, is significant here.

The ability to get SMS, the calls, sync, and even calendar, all are very important.


You should additionally ensure to purchase a smartwatch which has a solid and sturdy build. In this way, it is easy to be confident that your purchase will continue for long.

Take a look at the aspects such as water resistance, dust resistance, and sweat resistance. Ensure that the materials of your smartwatch are long-lasting and will endure rough conditions


It is always a vital aspect while buying a device. You should ensure that the watch design fits your styling choices.

On top of that, buy one which is advanced and won't cause you to look out-of-date. Give some thought to things such as the design of watch face, comfort, and size while short-listing.


There's no scarcity of the best smartwatch for small wrist . From Samsung to Apple, Fitbit to Fossil - every company provides the finest of its modern technology to attract the ladies.

However, with options comes trouble in choosing, still, I do feel that when you choose one of the top smartwatches from aforementioned list, you'll find yourself with a sturdy, stylish and durable product which will remain faithful to you for years.

Whether you need something to compliment you in a fitness center or add oomph aspect to your attire, you will discover something which meets your demands and needs. You can additionally change the band of many of these gadgets to fit this with your outfit.

The winner of this round-up review is the Samsung Galaxy 46mm Smartwatch. It has become the winner because it offers all the top-notch features and excellent performance. At the same time, it won't break your bank. So, it's a great one to consider.

If you are looking for more affordable but comfortable smartwatch, then you can check this one Garmin 3 vívoactive Smartwatch. I'm just mesmerized by this device. Just give this device a try and you'll discover what it exactly has to offer you.

I highly suggest you reading the aforementioned list to discover a smartwatch which meets your needs and your budget.

I'm sure that you will get something which is a great match for you. Please, take a little step to share this post with your buddies on social media. Wish you a happy shopping!

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