best women's bike for casual riding

best women’s bike for casual riding – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Going for a ride is considered to be good for the muscles and heart. Women's bike happens to be an ideal choice in this regard as it offers a wide assortment of health benefits. It provides a better cardiac workout and reduces the risks of strokes and heart attacks significantly. A wide assortment of people chooses these products for recreational activities as well.

It is recognized to be an amazing workout option for boosting your mental health. As women continue cycling regularly with these bikes, the oxygen flow stimulates the brain and improves the problem-solving capacity and creativity of the brain. It is known to be an amazing solo sport that plays an indispensable role in bringing people together.

It offers an effective workout choice which improves the sleep cycle. In addition to this, they make you happy by elevating your mood. You will not find a short of options while shopping for the women’s bike.

Various brands of these bikes are available in the market, and choosing the right one, might be baffling at times. Hence, we have introduced the women’s bike reviews in this article which will be useful to you in making an informed purchase decision:

Reviews Of The best women's bike for casual riding

It is recognized to be one of the best women's bike for casual riding which is ideal for every female rider. Whether you are looking for an alternative transportation mode, or want an amazing workout option, this product is a perfect fit. It features a stylish and classic design which is equipped with timeless handbrakes, big wheels, low frame, and the playful colorful options.



After thorough research in the market, it can be said that SixthreeZero is one of the lightest women's bikes, available in the market. With a weight of 33.9 lbs, it comes with an aluminum frame of 17.5 inches and thus maneuvering it along the bends and corridors is really easy.

Also, the frame of the bike is known to be highly polished which provides a beach-like look to the bicycle. It is also a suitable option for leisure riding.

Powerful suspe​​​​nsion system

This women's bike happens to be a suitable option for riding on the rough terrain and delivering optimum comfort. It is equipped with a pair of double-wall tires of 1.95 inch which stands second to none in offering seamless rolling sensation and maximum cushion.

Apart from this, it features a double spring saddle that is useful in absorbing the shockwaves which are produced owing to the irregularities on the terrain.

Forward pedaling system

This bike comes with the forward pedaling system owing to which you can hop on without any hassles. Besides this, it features a precise frame design owing to which mounting and un-mounting the bike is easy.

It is equipped with the semi-slick tires of 2-inch by which women can cross the curves with utmost safety and precision. Hence, you can be ensured that you are going to enjoy a smooth ride and you do not need to worry about slipping, sliding, or skidding, anymore.


  • Multi-functional
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Offer a plethora of riding position
  • An ideal choice for riders of different heights
  • Comes with a well-cushioned seat


  • 1-speed gear mechanism
  • Not a suitable option for the off-road cycling

Whether you want to enjoy a little fun ride with your friends or want to grab some stuff from the market, this women's bike is a great choice.


Bicycle Frame

The bike frame is equipped with the low top tube by which it is possible to ride around easily. It is composed of long-lasting and strong Q345 carbon steel which provides support to almost 250-265 lbs of the weight of the rider and the cargo.

It also comes with a comfortable, wide and soft seat which can be adjusted at a height of the range of 35-43, according to your preferences. It is considered to be a smart choice for people with a height of 5-4".

Battery Power Capacity

A cannon head lithium battery of 36 volts is known to power this bike. It also possesses keys for locking it in a specific place to prevent thefts. With a single charge, you can travel a distance of 18-25 mph. Thus, you can use this bike for traveling to school, work, grocery shopping, etc.

Outstanding braking system

This women's bike comes with an amazing braking system by which you can ensure a complete and smooth stop, even in case you apply the brakes abruptly. It helps you in roaming around the city while riding comfortably.

Three riding modes

This product comes with three different riding modes which include pure human riding, pure electric mode, and pedal-assistant mode. It is possible to ride the bike, just like the other normal bicycle.

With the aid of throttle or pedaling, you can engage the brushless motor of 250 watts, thereby ensuring a smooth-riding. People who want to ride long distances and go for a workout can make use of the pedal-assist mode that helps in saving almost 70% power while cycling.

The saddle with the springs along with the cantilever beam front fork is beneficial in softening any bump on the road while riding. It ensures that you do not feel any discomfort if you continue to ride for a longer period.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good braking system
  • Good value
  • Comfortable seat
  • Offers smooth ride


  • Replacing the tires is a bit difficult

It is another prominent name in the list of the best women's bike for casual riding. If you are a newbie to cycling or looking for a cost-effective bike, you are going to love this product. It comes with seven-speed shifting, adjustable seats, rear and front suspension for offering against the bumps.


The fully adjustable alloy system

It comes with a fully-adjustable alloy system and dual suspension steel frame stem which ensure an upright riding position

Shimano Seven-speed gear system

It is equipped with the Shimano seven-speed gear system which offers comfort and speed while riding across the alleys and streets.

Seat clamp

With the quick-release seat clamp, the riders can adjust the seating position to a unique comfort level.


  • Good value
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to assemble


  • Few users complained that it is hard to change the gears after some time.

It has earned a high reputation as one of the best women's bike for casual riding. Whether you want to ride on the paved path, or around the town, or on the beach, you can choose this product without a second thought.

It does not come with any complex gear system and you will not find any cables to be hanging off the bike. Hence, it allows you to maintain a constant cruising speed, between the ranges of 3-15 MPH. It is considered to be a suitable choice for women, with a height of 5-6 inches tall.


Wide tires and comfortable seat

It comes with double coil springs on the cushioned seat which offers a smooth ride on the trails. With the amazing tires of 2.125 inches, you can be ensured that a smooth sail is going to absorb every bump.

Easy ride

It allows you to select from 21, 7, 3 or one speed and thus you can maneuver the bike on any terrain easily.


This women's bike is composed of rear coaster brakes on the 3-speed or single model whereas the 21-speed or 7-speed model comes with the rear and front handbrakes.


  • Affordable
  • Offers smooth riding
  • Easy ride
  • Boasts of a modern appeal
  • Comfortable seats


  • You need at least 15 tools for assembling this bike

It is one of the lightweight women's bikes that boast of a low-slung top tube for extra stand over clearance. It is equipped with the SR Sun tour fork and 27.5-inch wheels by which you can ride down the trail with utmost confidence.


The frame

The hard tail frame of this bike is designed exclusively for women. It comes with the stand-over clearance by which you can get off and on the bike at ease.


It is equipped with wheels of 27.5 inches. In addition to this, it provides improved traction and thus you can enjoy a comfortable ride by choosing this bike.


It comes with 24 gear ratios. It features the highest maximum gearing which is capable of picking speed on the flatter terrain with the utmost efficiency.


  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Sturdy
  • Value for money


  • Does not come with a rear suspension system
  • It is a bit challenging to replace the wheel spare parts.


With these bikes, women can perform cycling which helps in reducing the symptoms of aging. It is because cycling improves the oxygen flow which in turn helps in flushing out the harmful toxins. Furthermore, you can perform exercises regularly with these products which help in optimizing collagen production, which in turn reduces the wrinkles and fine lines.

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