Can Apple Watch Take Your Temperature

Can Apple Watch Take Your Temperature – Guide

With all of the things that an Apple watch can do, you may wonder if it can take your temperature. Although there is no way to take your temperature with your Apple watch, you can use certain apps to register your temperature on your iPhone and have access to it on your Apple watch. Continue reading to answer the question, “Can the Apple watch take your temperature?”

Can the Apple Watch or iPhone Take Your Temperature?

Neither the Apple watch nor the Apple iPhone can take your temperature. They do have temperature sensors built in, but they sense the temperature of the device. The iPhone uses these sensors to make sure the phone shuts down when the internal parts are too hot.

The Apple watch and the iPhone can tell you what temperature it is outside because they read information from the weather app. The iPhone and watch do not sense the temperature they report to you; they retrieve it from the Weather App.

However, both devices can keep track of your temperature, and you can connect a smart thermometer to your iPhone with an app.

What Is a Smart Thermometer?

A smart thermometer is a thermometer that connects to an app on your smartphone. It can connect with Bluetooth or a cable, and it will normally register your temperature in an app. This item works the same way as a standard thermometer, and the only difference is this connectivity. The apps that come with them sometimes provide you with a database where you can store your health information and that of your family members.

What Can the iPhone Do?

Because the iPhone doesn’t have an external temperature sensor, you need to download an app. You can choose to use an app that works with a smart thermometer, or you can use a standard thermometer and track your family’s temperatures with the app. If you record your temperature on the Health app or another app that is compatible with your Apple watch, you will be able to access the information there as well.

When someone in your family is sick, monitoring a fever is very important. Whether you have a smart thermometer or not, there are apps that allow you to keep track of a fever over time. Many of these apps can also record other symptoms so that you have a documented record for your doctor.

There are a lot of free apps that will record information and store it on both your phone and your Apple watch. Usually the free app has ads, but they will offer an in-app purchase for a premium version that removes the ads.

One example is Temp. Statistics, and you can record your temperature, including how you took it (under the arm, forehead, and so on). You can also record any symptoms you have, as well as any medicine you have taken. You can set up profiles for everyone in your home. This app is available for your iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

How to Use a Smart Thermometer with Your Apple Devices

There are a number of smart thermometers, including the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, that can transmit information to your iPhone by way of an app. The Kinsa connects to the iPhone headphone jack, and the app will immediately show your temperature on the screen.

In addition to recording your temperature through the Smart Thermometer, the app can help you call your doctor to make an appointment, and you can create a profile and keep records to monitor your health.

Thermometers are becoming a very common item, and some people want to have a smart thermometer that can track their temperature over time. The app also allows you to anonymously share your symptoms on a map that tracks illnesses and provides information on where there are clusters of illnesses and disease.

Kinsa offers two models. One is an ear thermometer, and it offers a Bluetooth connection to the app. The other is called the QuickCare thermometer, and it is designed for oral, underarm, or rectal use. The app allows you to keep a log of your family’s health, track medications, set reminders, and track your symptoms.

If you want to track your temperature, you can take this information and input it into your Health App. It will show up on your Apple watch, and you can access it when you need to.

Body Temperature Apps

If you go to the App Store, you will find a number of different body temperature apps. They can be confusing to sort through because many appear to allow your Apple watch or your Apple iPhone to take your temperature. Once you download the app, you will find that you can enter your temperature and track it.

These apps have different levels of functionality, from strictly tracking your temperature to tracking your symptoms and keeping an entire health journal. In addition, some of these apps integrate with the Health app that is already installed on your phone and Apple watch, and this allows you access to the information.

The reality is that the Apple watch and the iPhone do not have the ability to take your temperature. They do have an internal thermometer that monitors the internal temperature of the device, and this is important because it can protect your device if it gets too hot. However, this is not the same as an external temperature sensor.


As technology progresses and allows smart devices to become more functional, Apple watches and iPhones can do more. In the current pandemic, it is important to be able to keep track of your temperature. A fever is a sign of illness, and keeping a record of your family’s health is a great feature.

Although Apple watches and iPhones are not able to sense your body temperature, there are a number of apps that can record and keep track of your health. You can also get a smart thermometer that connects to your iPhone and enter the information through Bluetooth. You can then keep this information in the Health app.

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